Pre-wedding Shoot in Allahabad

What is a pre-wedding photoshoot?

It is a photoshoot arranged before the wedding in which the bridal and groom come together and sparks the candle of beauty.  Generally, a pre-wedding shoot occurs two-three days earlier than the day of the wedding. 

MemoriesInFrame also offers a pre-wedding shoot in Allahabad. We have arranged 100+ pre-wedding shoots and we know exactly how to execute it in an ethical manner. 

How do we approach our work?

First and foremost, I always recommend that we schedule this pre-wedding photography shoot for at least two days. We’ll arrive early in the morning and begin shooting later in the afternoon when the light is optimal. We’ll keep going till dusk, then take a break until the blue hour, when we’ll pick one location to photograph. It would be tough because landmarks are frequently congested in the evening. But we’ll be able to do it. Following that, we’ll shoot some night photographs. The next day, we will get up really early (it will be still night) to watch the sunrise. It’s our best chance to see the landmarks while they’re not crowded.

Here is the glimpse of our work!

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